Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Basket full of Boxwoods

I'm sorry I have been completely absent lately with getting clients planted for the spring and enjoying all these little moments with my sweet baby boy. Time just slipped past me, but I'm back and am I ready to talk about all the exciting things we have going on at TVB and sharing beautiful images along the way that totally melt our butter!!

Surprising as it might be to you, I'm totally whooped over boxwood's and I can tell you I just adore presenting them in basket's.....

I adore this large grouping....

How sweet is this? 

I know, I know this is not a boxwood planted in this basket, but I'm telling you that rosemary looks pretty divine in that basket. Aren't you loving this look?

I do love the look of these boxwood's just so effortlessly cascading down these gorgeous steps. I think that is the thing I do adore about this look...it makes such a statement, but yet it's so extremely effortless looking.

Off to shop for more baskets I do believe!!



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