Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bunny Williams Trade Secrets

Victoria Magazine wrote the most beautiful story on this great event that was created by Bunny Williams and her gardener Naomi Blumenthal and how they came to make this amazing show called "Trade Secrets". This event supports a very important cause Women's Support Services - an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence. This amazing event is celebrating it's 15yr anniversary and doesn't look like it's slowing down one bit. Trade Secrets is a two day garden event that is held at LionRock Farm in Sharon, CT. The first day includes endless shopping for breathtaking antiques and rare garden plants. The second day entails a four-garden tour(the line up sounds amazing!). Which Mrs. Bunny Williams is one of the homes you will get the chance to tour.....

Doesn't this just look amazing. I'm telling you I would be a kid in a candy shop. Image Victoria Magazine

Image: Victoria Magazine

Oh how much fun would it be to run into this duo!!
Vendors come in from all over to share all their secrets and help you learn more about creating your own magical haven. Image: Victoria Magazine

Image:Victoria Magazine

Look at all these beautiful treasures! I think I would have to drive a truck to carry back all the great finds. I'm a plant junkie. I confess!!   Image:Victoria Magazine
Finally the best part Mrs. Williams abode. So classy, but yet so inviting. I feel like that would be exactly how her personality would be. I do love this home.  Image:Veranda

These Italian oil jars are perfection in the boxwood beds.

Isn't this service barn gorgeous?

Have you ever seen a chicken coop like this? My goodness I would stay here!


This terrace is the perfect place to unwind at in the evening , with your sweet tea in hand. I'm already there and completely laid out relaxing!

This koi pond is just magical

I just love this!! Two things I adore boxwoods and tulips. Ahhh simply heavenly. Once again, some more of those gorgeous Italian oil jars in the middle of these boxwood beds.


Are those hosta's not outrageous. Completely garden crushing.

I mean have you ever seen a pool house like this? Wow! This pool house was inspired by 18th-century French garden folly and built to the exact proportions of a classical Greek temple.

I didn't think Bunny Williams could be any more amazing. I have such a respect for this precious lady and what all she does for this great cause. I know this event has to be top notch and so much fun to attend. Oh I'm telling you I would be eaten up with every little detail.
I hope to one day to be able to attend this gorgeous event. Until then I'll just drool from afar and go dig in my garden.
Love,  Laurie
If you would like more info on Trade Secrets...http://www.tradesecretsct.com/

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